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  • Increase strength of blown  film bags.
  • Help in increseing calcium  carbonate(filler) master batch dosage.
  • Polyaid+ Can be used in  recycling  polymer for  polymeric  stability  which result in better processing.
  • It regains gloss  an lustre which gets  reduced by  calcium carbonate  master batch  .
  • It Increases Sealing properties .
  • Reduce powder formation from  the surface  of the film . 
  • Increase the life of the screw  and barrel.
  • Smoothens the manufacturing process . 
  • increases output of plants. 
  • Dosage of white master batch  is reduced by using polyaid+ .
  • Eliminates slippage problem in extruder  . 
  • Reduces cost of bags.
  • available in granule form for  easy handling.
  • 1 KG (4%) of polyaid+ is to be  added in  one bag  of polymer (25kgs) keeping the usual  formulations  unchanged.
  • Polyaid+ can be  used in  mono -layer  and multi-layer  blown-film plants.
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