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  • Increases Strength of PP Non -Woven Fabric
  • Increases elongation of PP Non- Woven Fabric.
  • Helps in increasing calcium carbonate (Filler),masterbatch dosage.
  • Polyaid can be used in recycle polymer for polymer stability,which result in better processing.
  • Improves dispersion and bonding , which results in better life of fabric.
  • Pulverization of the raw material becomes smoothand consistent.
  • Increases sealing properties..
  • Increases output of the plant.
  • Enhances the dispersion of polymer, calcium and masterbatch.
  • Reduces powder formation on the fabric Dosage of white masterbatch is reduced by using Polyaid.
  • Reduces the cost of fabric.
  • Available in granular form for easy Handling.

Dosage :

4% to 15% of Polyaid is added keeping the usual formation unchanged.

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