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  • In higher denier the flow of the material will be consistent.
  • In tapeline and looms carbon formation will be eliminated due to consistent flow.
  • Elongation will be better.
  • Water carryover can be controlled.
  • No variation in tape width.
  • There will be less cotton formation in cril stand, warp eyelets and compensator wire, also cleaning time will be reduced in looms.
  • Powder formation reduces in running shuttle. Increases whiteness and shining of the fabric. Fabric shrinkage will be reduced.
  • In lamination bonding will be excellent.
  • With addition of 2% to 4 % of polyaid by replacing PP will reduce the cost.
  • In higher denier polyaid will make the film and tape more bright and white.

Dosage :

2 % to 4 % Polyaid is to be added keeping the usual formulation unchanged.

Polyaid-JN :

Polyaid-J and Polyaid-JN is a compound to maintain the UV retention. In addition of Polyaid-JN, the dosage of white colour masterbatch can be reduced and the process in the tapeline & looms become smooth. It works as a modifier, processing aid and maintain the mechanical Properties.

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