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1. Increases the elongation (1%-2%) without reducing the tensile strength in PP/HDPE.
  • Reduces the bottom – seam failure.
  • Increases the drop-test properties.
  • Option to increase the stretch ratio.
  • Reduces the breakages in the tape-plant and looms.
2. Provides excellent dispersion.
  • Makes the film smooth in tape line.
  • Better output in looms.
  • Fabric looks glossy.
  • Improves weaving quality.
  • Reduces powder formation.

3. Does not increase the cost of fabric.

4. Increases the output of the tape plant & looms.

5. Reduces water carryover.

6. Eliminates slipage problem in extruder.

7. Option to increase the calcium carbonate masterbatch dosage.

8. In lamination plant it provides excellent bonding and sealing properties.

9. Available in granule form for easy handling.

10. Helps in reducing the extruder barrel temperature by 5° to 10° c which results in power savings.

11. Polyaid can be used in recycled polymer for polymeric stability which results in better processing.

Dosage for HDPE / PP :

0.5 to 1.5 kg. (2% to 6%) of Polyaid is to be added in one bag of HDPE/PP (25 kgs) keeping the usual formulations unchanged

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